Annual blessing ceremony

Published January 1, 2016 by kasianowotniak

Couple days before Christmas i was inspired to pepare for the Annual Blessing Ceremony (an important part of the Kriya Yoga path to God described in Spiritual Treasures . The spontaneous sharing in the last months at different occasions created a space within and an idea emerged to do the blessing  ceremony Now, this Christmas.As known to all Cyberspace Ashram readers, giving out flowers is a part of it. After i made a plan and bought some flowers to share them with others early on the 23rd of December i developed accute conjunctivitis in both eyes that blurred my vision. I got seriously distressed.Why now?I need to be completely healthy these hours cause have an important things to do.Started praying and healing myself with natural methods that i knew were effective in the past.But.. it only got worse.Ok.time to understand the lessons behind.And soon i found out they were manifold. First i noticed that at times when i  experience complications on my path hard for me to dissolve  i tend to give up, get discouraged or even panicky.Hence lesson one-I will do what i planned no matter what.Lesson 2-fear of rejection.Will anyone want to accept anything from me with such condition ?What if i will transfer my conjunctivitis to someone?Here is what i decided to do.I dressed nicely , put the sunglasses on (didn’t want to scare the people with the sight of my swollen red eyes neither  to infect them)took the flowers to share on the way and went to the doctor. On my way there and back shared my flowers with people and finally did that …without the sunglasses.No one has rejected me,people were  happy and loving. My friend Roger advised that maybe my condition is also a temporary handicap to the ego in order to create better givining from the heart.And he was right too :). It was easier to go with the flow that way instead of overthinking. Another lesson was to stop rushing and slow down.The ammount of duties  i was putting on myself during the day was creating strain and was preventing me from feeling and properly connecting.There has to be some balance between the action and rest in life-so it was a chance for me to slow down.Do rather less things but better:)Another lesson i perceived was to have more faith in God and his Divine help..I was only worried about one thing-it was already late and had to prepare Christmas Eve supper but didn’t have a chance to go and feed the hungry (another suggestion for the preparation for the blessing ceremony) “Will my blessing ceremony be complete without that ?” i thought.Well ,later on at night  after the Christmas Eve supper, i had a dream of..meeting a beggar on the street.Happily i run to him and asked :”Are you hungry?”.”Not really,i ve just had something to eat”he said. Mhm??I thought and reached for my purse to give him some money.But he went away to his friends.I followed him and stood in the front of himself and a group of people and started to look each one deep in the eyes feeling huge love in the heart for each of them.And then ive heard them bringing the name of Jesus.”Look at her eyes ,one of them said,they are like eyes of Jesus”I felt such a tremendous love in the heart that felt that they weren’t hungry for the phisical food but love and with the help of God  i  fed those people  with love.I understood how loving God and his Son were for helping me to prepare for the blessing ceremony through this dream.On the next day i had a very loving blessing ceremony in which i got some instructions from God to bow , forgive all and ask for forgiveness,i was also asked to pick one of the flowers from the bunch i had prepared and offer it to the Son.I picked the most beautiful white rose and when offered it tears started flowing and felt such love in the heart as the one in the dream. The Divine bliss was felt within my body for the whole day and is still felt today..God is love 💖


Divine communication

Published June 8, 2014 by kasianowotniak

When i woke up this morning the first tought i had was: ” Truly, madly, deeply…”.  I knew that this is the title  of the song of the group called Savage Garden. I haven’t heard this song for a long time and it wasn’t my favourite so didn’t even know the  text except for the first lines. My natural curiosity however led me to  the lyrics and when i’ve read them…   i was blown away! Its just like receiving a love letter from a loved One:) A letter of love and reasurance…:) To me this is a clear  example of divine communication:)

Here are the lyrics:


“Truly Madly Deeply”

I’ll be your dream
I’ll be your wish I’ll be your fantasy
I’ll be your hope I’ll be your love
Be everything that you need
I’ll love you more with every breath
Truly, madly, deeply do
I will be strong I will be faithful
’cause I’m counting on
A new beginning
A reason for living
A deeper meaning, yeah

I want to stand with you on
a mountain
I want to bathe with you in the sea
I want to lay like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me

And when the stars are shining
brightly in the velvet sky,
I’ll make a wish send it to heaven
Then make you want to cry
The tears of joy for all the
pleasure and the certainty
That we’re surrounded by the
comfort and protection of

The highest powers
In lonely hours
The tears devour you


Oh can you see it baby?
You don’t have to close your eyes
‘Cause it’s standing right
before you
All that you need will surely come

I’ll be your dream I’ll be your wish
I’ll be your fantasy
I’ll be your hope I’ll be your love
Be everything that you need
I’ll love you more with every breath
Truly, madly, deeply do


I want to stand with you on a
I want to bathe with you in the sea
I want to live like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me….


Published June 2, 2014 by kasianowotniak

I dedicate this post to all and especially to those who don’t belive in a Divine Guidance to  tell them about my experience. Despite of the fact that i already had some spiritual experiences in the past-this year seems to be magical to me. I feel excited like something good is going to happen soon. I remember my wish from the past to hear the Divine Guidance clearly. It looks like i got what i wished for and it is almost like the volume was turned up in my inner ears:)What keeps me amazed is the fact  that it feels like someone is there talking to me and caring for me. Let me give you couple examples.

It was a late evening. Although i was working from the early morning and don’t even remember taking a break there was still a portion of ironing to be done ( Childminding is my daytime job and ironing a part time job that i usually do in the early morning or in the late evening when kids are in bed). If i managed to do that part   i knew that the whole lot would be ready to deliver by the weekend.The spirit was willing but the body was longing for rest. “How am i going to make it?” asked while turning my inner sight inwards for Guidance: “You just do it and i will provide energy ” clear words were heard in my inner ears.To my amazement the whole lot was done quicker than expected + i decided to iron one more sheet.Wow!I fell asleep this night with a feeling of a deep satisfaction coming from a finished job  and  amazed  by the ways i am guided and it is provided for me.

 The other evening i was clearly guided to take small breaks in my job in order to sustain energy  and more. An example: after doing ironing for some time i heard a voice :” Now you take a break” .I thought: ” Maybe i will do 2 more pillowcases” but the Voice insisted: “Now” . Then I’ve heard: “Someone wants to talk to you”. “Who could that be?” i thought.” Go downstairs and have some water”.So i did and to my amazement my son who i thought is asleep was there climbing up the kitchen cabinets for some treats:) I decided to spend some time with him, read him a story and then put him to bed again.

Sometimes messages come in a form of a tune from a song. One day when i was cleaning the house out of the blue I heard : ” Love will be right here…”. I didn’t hear that song for a looong time. It was “Right Here” by the SWV .i immediately  decided to go and find it on youtube , i played it and continued my job. When i heard it touched my heart. Such a beautiful message!

Divine guidance and care comes in other forms too. While striving to do my job the best i can i feel that i am really taken care of!God sends me customers exactly when i need it. Before i became “self employed” i was worried about the finiancial matters.”Am i going to have a regular income that will allow me to pay all the bills on time?” And thats when i decided to change my beliefs about money.I started to affirm: “I am taken care of” and “Everything i need is always provided” .And Guys-it works with a mathematical precision! When one of the children i mind doesn’t come for some reason such as illness or holidays and i am not get paid for that period, immediately someone alse calls and fills that gap:)Thats just amazing.And  it is also amazing that i have a full trust that it will be so and it is!Its a great learning ground for excercising faith,so i currently learn to amplify my faith and extend it to all parts of my life.

These are couple examples of a Divine Guidance that i could remember. On top of all that i feel surrounded with friendly people, helpful resources and with inspiration. Constant flow of inspiration in form of dreams, ideas etc. sometimes i worry that i won’t be able to do all that. But then the reasurance  comes: “Just do what you can and don’t worry about the rest”. Having experienced all that fills me with gratitude and gratitude is my favourite prayer  lately.

I belive that we live in great times and the possibilities are endless. Its just the matter of following the inner “calls” 😀

Wishing  all to experience and to be aware of the Divine Guidance in their lives,




Spiritual Treasures Final Edition revised 30 Aug 2012 FREE download

Published September 2, 2012 by kasianowotniak

Spiritual Treasures Final Edition is a 4GB size compressed  file  that contains the teachings on God , Love and Kriya Yoga ( including the complete initiation). It is an off-line version of the  previous Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love .

Please check the link below for a detailed info and read all carefully before downloading :

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love, kasia

Prayers are heard

Published August 29, 2012 by kasianowotniak

One day i was taking a bus to town to do a little shopping and on my way there met a lady that , when i was still working, was coming to the health store i worked at. I didn’t know her name at the time but there was something really intriguing about her. I knew she is one of them- Angels. Ive noticed only a couple others people in town of a similiar vibration to her. We started chatting. First about the weather that was really  nice  and  warm that day (that  rarely happens in Ireland:))Then about gardening as we both had some fruit and veg planted in our gardens but the crops this year were rather poor due to the lack of sunshine. While we were talking ive seen that she seemed bothered with something. She was  in her prime but still active-she is a violin teacher. She said she is a bit tired at times with all the responsibilities  and   that she tends to overwork- as i noticed the same tendency within myself i knew exactly what she ment however i am still young and she definitely needed help. So i asked her first if she will accept any help.To my surprise she said: “I was praying to Lord to sent someone to help me” And i told her i was praying to send someone that i could help:) Hihihi:) i cannot belive how good listener He is:) We exchanged numbers and i was waiting till Nancy will be ready to invite me to her garden. One day she called back. First i came to have a look at what has to be done and then we made another appointmet. I asked the Dad of our young Fellows to take them out for some time and then  came down to Nancy’s garden. First of all  it was  a lot of weeding needed in the garden so i started from that. It looks like i may take more visits cause there is still job to be done there. Before i started working  Nancy offered me a cup of tea and a homemade chocolate chip cookie-very yummie:)Then i was looking around the house while taking pictures. Her tiny house is so cute. Her life is devoted to God and she would have phrases from the Bible stuck to the walls an doors in various places all around the house . It is such a pleasure to be around her as she is very positive and active person. Her face wouldn’t tell you her real age cause it is as fresh as a rosebud . She would have many friends and her  phone was ringing couple times when i was there. While we were talking we noticed that would have few things in common and our family stories similliar. Even the ringtones on both our phones were exactly the same and were chosen for the very same reason-cause it was the most pleasant to ear of all the ringtones- a soft and delicate sound of wooden xylophone:). There was a funny moment when the phone was ringing and we both rushed to pick it up cause weren’t sure whose phone is ringing. Both were laughing!  After some time  Kasia and Franio with their Dad appeared at the door and all decided to help :)It looked so cute to see them working:)And then Nancy was giving our kiddos a ride on a wheelbarrow around the house while we were finishing the weeding job:) When we were going home we got some sage and lavender and a tiny Alder tree to plant it in our garden:)
I decided to write about all that cause it does not take a lot to stay open  that state itself creates lovely situations and helps one to feel like we are one family and that we have to help ourselves and that is such a pleasure to share whith others.
Its all fun,

” Take the oils with you..”

Published August 29, 2012 by kasianowotniak

I wanna tell you a lovely story that happended to me lately:) I was wondering if in my neigbourhood there are people that i could help somehow. Didn’t have to wait long cause it all happens spontaneously. One day when going for a walk with my Smallies i decided to take a first aid kit (always have it when we go out )but this time i knew i had to take broader range of essential oils that are always present in my kit. ” Take the oils with you”- ive heard inside. On our way back i  noticed an elderly lady in one of the most beautiful gardens i’ve seen.  Immediately told her that i really adore her garden and we started talking. People in Ireland are usually lovely and open so it was a nice chat. We were standing there for a while when she told me about her problems with blood clots in her legs. Doctors couldn’t really help her and she was just awaiting a surgery  that she didn’t really want to have. Cause for previous couple months i was gaining some knowledge about essential oils i knew which one would be helpful and had one of them with me:)It was a helichrysum oil-one of the most powerful of all oils. It was in my kit cause ive heard  it helps to immediately stop the bleeding from the wound but also knew that its anticoagulant and may help to dissolve blood clots and aid the circulation. I knew that this delicate granny suffered from anemia as well so it was a perfect choice for her as helichrysum helps to support the spleen that is involved in the production of red blood cells! I gave her the bottle and instructed her how to use it. I also immediately offered my help in daily matters in case she would need it but  could sense that she would not spontaneously accept it. It looked like because of past happenings she  wasn’t full of trust . I walked away happy that i could offer my help and  that this little voice inside that guides me  again proved to be right:)

with an increasing apetite for Magic, kasia

A Yogi in a dream

Published August 23, 2012 by kasianowotniak

Last night in one of my dreams i saw a yogi. A young  man with an orange robe around his hips and naked or half naked torso was sitting in a lotus posture. Well built , with a mellow skin, long, black shiny hair tied in a knot at the top of his head. Sparkly, lively eyes were looking at me- for  a brief   moment ive heard a question in my mind:  ‘Who is he?His eyes seem like mine at times’. Then he stared talking with a fluent english accent- he drew  two circles on his torso. One on his chest, and the other on his belly then explained. ‘When you focus here ( he pointed the circle on the chest- but i knew he meant the upper part of body, upper chakras) you get closer to God and when here ( he showed the circle on the belly) you are closer to your attachments’ . Then added something like that: ‘Focus on the upper will help to enter the Baba Yuga’ I knew in sanskrit Baba means the Father and Yuga is  era. Actually there is not much difference in words Yuga and Yoga ( which means to join). Looks like both words match.  It was a very clear and vivid dream.

A Bow to All,